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There is so much cynicism in regret
and                           isolation
And so much sadness in azure clouds
and plum washed horizons.

Sweeping skies and
cherried burns beyond the atmosphere leave me blinded
I spiral every time I remember the sun,
branded in the walls lining my eyes.

[More charcoal on the fire-
run faster, my iron horse.]

I don't wait for trains-
screaming through timid valleys and fearlessly over centuried bridges.

Cast the mountains in their slurry,
(They live forever too)
so do you.
I keep your hurricanes hidden and
covet them until I can hold no more
And I too will scream over cast-iron bridges,
seeking sunlight over the next ridge
seeking solace over the next bridge
dropping ash and polluting trees with more...
and salt water.

With every stone I have ever skipped
I have hoped for a new outcome,
a longer trail of success,
carving valleys there too, in waterlogged earthquakes

And I know those choices will be waiting for me, at the bottom of the river.

Cold, rushing, carving canyons
the same way you carved me and
tossed me into the kiln
and waited for me to strengthen
to harden,
to fold under your touch.

Even the stars fail to illustrate,
the way I've hopped,
like skipping stones to the slaughter
(Fill my breath with water)

I will forgive again, you know
My blood is still tainted and I can't get you out
oil fills my veins (and my lungs)
(I will burst into flames.)
Will you be there to see it?
written to this song

full size image on my instagram- [link]
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December 6, 2012
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